Small World

Small World

My world used to be big and large and contained hardly enough space for me. Today it is honed like a smartly sharp pinpoint where specks dance from things only accessed by deep looking. Like when wood is rent by bench saw to reveal the marvelous last supper of termites within. Material bleached white by the intrusion of predators – the shock noticeable on the skin carrying fantastic new whorls. Disease to one begets the evolution that occurs from dis-ease to another. What was once a fence post now delivers a pattern to an artist – a juxtaposition of young and golden thriving beauty next to a ransacked body – poignant and flayed for new truthful undertakings and a second life as something strikingly beautiful.

2 Responses to “Small World”

  1. Sonia Lub Says:

    I l see the world as close more than small

    ❤ Love you honey Please sen me your potential avail for may-June

    ❤ xoxo

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. In many ways your world seems larger by honing into the small universe of changes in structure and design. Your description is beautiful.

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