Biggest Dreams, Greatest Nightmares

I took this picture last year when I went to the circus for the first time in ages and realized that it was one of the few places that we have as children where fantasy can be realized in the form of adorned animals, beautiful flying ladies, grotesque and scary clowns and the kind of spectacle that drives the human imagination. Going there as a adult, knowing better than to believe in fantasy, I was enthralled by the play of light and reflection and shadow that performers lent to the upper part of the tent. My photography is veering these days to capturing the things that we normally can not see, things glimpsed in the corners of our perspective while reality is taking place right before our eyes. I am fascinated by that place and the things that occur there. I recently started reading a book by Graham Hancock, titled Supernatural, that explores the historical weaving of illusions, visions, hallucinations, dreams, abductions, and lucid dreams to lend the strange and eerie evidence that since the beginning of time, people have been experiencing the same glimpses of things that lie in the shadows, on other planes of existence, or maybe purely just in our minds but that are brought out to reveal powerful subconscious messages. All of the photographs I take of this phenomena are beautiful to me because they are solid evidentiary captures of things that are molecularly unreal, substantially inexplicable, and extraordinarily beautiful…leading the wise to distinguish blind faith in lieu of perpetual curiosity and the journey of an open mind.


One Response to “Biggest Dreams, Greatest Nightmares”

  1. Love the photograph – a beautiful blur of reality and insubstantiality. Nice article as well.

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