Sneak peek of photo elements in a new series of mine called 80DK that revolves around eighties decadence and the rush of mall culture and consumerism that fueled its flames. I became interested in this idea when I became increasingly aware of the strip malls and storefronts all throughout Southern California that have stood vacant and empty for the past decade no longer throbbing hubs of teenage label-lovers or their credit card yuppie carrying parents. I remember hanging around malls, not because I wanted to buy things, but because they were the only places to go to socialize with my prepubescent friends. And I recall the sense of pathos that surrounded my time there as a young black haired punk girl not interested in the Ton Sur Ton jumpsuits or looking like Olivia Newton John, and the fact that even then, I found some vast vacancy in the world of beckoning mannequins. Enjoyed working on this series and turning my memories into a ghost town of young, frozen solid, hungry girls searching in the wrong places for their sense of identity and satisfaction.


2 Responses to “80DK”

  1. Jessica Renee Shokrian Says:

    You’re Awesome !

  2. Love the look – both sensuous and decadent. The lighting is very evocative.

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