Alisa King, Los Angeles Tattoo Artist and Fine Art Painter, 2010

As an artist and a photographer I am constantly obsessed with documentation. For years, I have been collecting photos of the working spaces of artists. I find myself fascinated by the studio setting and the elements that individual artists surround themselves with to work within. It started at a young age after reading a Francis Bacon biography about his notorious studio that was filled with a central heap of junk and torn pages from magazines and books from which he would pull inspiration in the crumpled pieces of paper, warped faces of models and subjects in the pile, and the eternal chaos that this junk heap added to his already busy brain while painting. I loved how the pile informed his work and brought a sense of understanding of his process to the viewer. Years later I visited Ed Moses’ Venice Beach studio with a museum group and was thrilled to see the bits of a painter in process through scattered notebooks with scribbles, large concrete slabs in the backyard upon which he trawled a squeegie on a long pole across magnificent washes of paint on canvas on the ground to create his watery blends of color, and the quirky stenciled spiders that adorned random surfaces on his property that he told us helped with his fear of spiders. In instances like this I realized that the artist’s spaces to create were just as interesting as the finished products themselves and that you could garner alot about an artist’s personality from seeing these spaces. I became fascinated enough to start to document these spaces and have spent years taking photos of these visual bits of the art psyche. Maybe someday I will compile them into a book.


3 Responses to “STUDIO”

  1. I would love to read that book. How interesting! Their Studio tells you more about the artist than their art in my opinion.

  2. Do yourself and us a favor…get crackin’ on that book…

  3. Nice slice of the Artist’s life. Inspiration is found all over the place – wherever a person’s view happens to land.

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