What Emerges When Sisters Merge

One of the joys of being an artist is collaborating with others artists and seeing what emerges. Whether similar or disparate in individual voice, it’s always interesting to see what happens when two unique styles, techniques, and visions combine, resulting in a unified whole of an artwork. One of my close friends and wise mentors of the sister/goddess/womanhood is artist Shaktima Brien. We have spent many creative hours together over the last five years and recently spent a day in her home studio creating two pieces together. Large rolls of canvas tacked up on the wall, red wine, dark chocolate, nuts and French music provided the perfect atmosphere to dive into the zone. The first (above) was inspired by Picasso’s “Two Women”, in which two sundress clad, sensual and zaftig females sprint hand in hand across a serene beige field underneath a cobalt blue sky. Armed with the colors of Picasso’s painting and no direction other than to be inspired and see what transpires, we found ourselves educing two figures on a background that evoked our own desert home with the windmills in the distance. Without intention (other than pure flow) we ended up creating two archetypal females that could be denoted as the innocent led by the crone – a fabulous and spontaneous metaphor that pleased us both.

Our second creation, inspired by a Francis Bacon painting of a man looking into a mirror at his own self portrait (as seen above in the blurred frenetic midst of Shaktima’s application) became an interesting icon of Lady Liberty swathed in Grecian drapery reflecting on the new world and its connection to the arts and literature, the world we both lusciously swim and and are connected to while simultaneously holding on to the poetry of our individual passions.


3 Responses to “What Emerges When Sisters Merge”

  1. You both seem to be in an altered state of consciousness – drunk with creative energy and feeding off one another – expressing a State of Grace.

  2. Betty Ann Brown Says:

    What beautiful merging you two do! Congratulations on a truly lovely collaboration!

  3. I’m just discovering this Post, and it’s marvelous. Much work has been done since then. There are exhibitions coming up. Sequels soon…

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