Exploring Archetypes With Shahram

Modern Day Cleopatra

I spend a lot of time in my artwork exploring the myriad archetypes associated with female identity both historically and in the contemporary present. Most women, throughout their lifetimes, try on many different archetypes in their journeys towards self actualization and identity, keeping elements that they find fitting to their personal psyches then further blending them with personal traits and experience, as the persona perpetually evolves from birth to death. I am fascinated by combinations of archetype that become a woman’s persona and how that changes with circumstance, age and self-understanding.

In exploring this work, I have used both painting and photography to express these variations on women. I am the one creating the woman or I am the person observing and capturing the essence. About a year ago, I decided to take myself out from behind the lens and walk into the role of exploring some of my own archetypal influences. I now have a whole new respect for my muses. It’s not easy transforming yourself without inhibition but once you get into the role, it’s equally amazing how far you can go in liberating your own personal freedoms and playing with identity.

My friend Shahram Farshadfar is an amazing painter, photographer and conceptual artist and was the person I decided I would be most comfortable putting on personas in front of. He has graciously allowed me to step into my new medium of performance art to some amazing results seen here.

Jolly Bordello Owner

Soft Dominatrix

Wild West Saloon Girl

Victorian Sleeping Beauty



One Response to “Exploring Archetypes With Shahram”

  1. You are amazung…I am honored…Thanks!

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