Spoke With Wheels

As my friend and fellow Arts at Context artist Cristopher Cichocki and I drove to the building to do our room installations for the inaugural exhibition, we decided to drive around the perimeter blocks to check out what we had on hand in the hood. With a super grass root delight, we discovered that our studios in the Old Town Indio historic district were actually positioned like a central wheel hub with streets becoming spokes to all the things we could possibly want within a neat square mile. Everything the starving artist needs: thrift stores for clothing and impromptu assemblage treasures; carniceria and liquor store for beer and cheap eats; 24 hour fitness gym for exercise between the art creation; a Winco for super cheap studio fridge groceries; post office; police station; bus stop; the Indio Performing Arts Center; the Date Farmers in town studio; and my friend Phillip K. Smith’s The Art Office where he creates his insane architectural and design public art pieces. And a nice convenient Del Taco down the street, where I was when the aforementioned Phillip stopped by to leave me this lovely welcome note on the eve of our first show amidst a day of hardcore art installation.


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